National Honor Society


Membership in the National Honor Society is based upon excellence in four areas: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.  Each category is judged independently.
To be eligible for consideration for membership a student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.5. In addition to this basic requirement, participation in school and community activities is also a very important factor in selection.
If selected as  a member of the National Honor Society, your membership will be reviewed periodically by the faculty selection committee and you must maintain a minimum scholastic average of 3.5 and live up to the ideas of scholarship, leadership, character and service.
The membership selection is made by the faculty selection committee based on grade point average and the other before mentioned criteria.

Web Site

National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society Official Web Site

National Honor Society Officers 2013-14

President - Alexis Owens (12)
Vice President - Sam Layden (11)
Secretary - Brooklyn Honnert (12)
Treasurer - Grace Herzog (11)
Serg of Arms - Logan Karstetter (12) and Michael Elmer (12)

Seniors - Nicole Scudder, Staci Ollman, Hannah Lohrum, Hayley Zornes, Christine Lamar, Cooper Wade, Nathan Hand, Cailan Walters, Kevin Copeland, Trevor Richardson, Lauren Cassini, Kayla Peetz, Dakota Stites, Cheyenne Kern, Whitney Couch, Kayla McKinsey, Eli King, Autumn Bowling, Anna Palastro
Juniors - Paige Lacey, Tapanga Gauck, Travis Butte, Nathaniel Walter, Becky Hoffrogge, Kayla Craft, Isabelle Ortt, Cara Walters, Lexie Schwipps, Alexis Amberger, Ashley Cavins, Faith Bentle, Dean Elrod, Savannah Kern, Karlie Prozanski, Lindsey Prozanski

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